Developed by ecology & horticulture specialists
Proven biodiversity uplift
Supporting education and communities

Proven biodiversity gains


Supporting a healthy ecosystem

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Maximising ecological benefits

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BioScapes® - offering a UK-first in biodiversity

With the UK’s first ever range of self-contained multiple biodiversity units, BioScapes is making a tangible and positive contribution to biodiversity restoration.

We aim to be a leading voice in finding solutions to the challenges faced by the environment.

We recognise that developers, architects, business owners and other key decision makers acknowledge the importance of biodiversity, but that many struggle to implement a practical solution – this is what has led to the creation of the BioScapes products.   

Made In Britain – We are proud to support the UK economy, on both a local and a national scale. BioScapes products are hand-built by local craftsmen at our headquarters in Seaton Ross, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and our materials are responsibly sourced in the UK. As a result of this, we are delighted to have been accepted as members of the Made In Britain scheme. 

Wildlife havens developed by ecology and horticulture specialists

Part of the Rolawn® Group, BioScapes has drawn on more than 50 years of experience and innovation in horticulture and landscaping to develop products that support rewilding and nature connectivity.

We have worked with expert ecologists and conducted extensive research to create practical solutions for people and organisations wanting to help tackle the biodiversity crisis.

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Proven biodiversity uplift

As well as significant research and investment made ahead of launch, we have worked extensively on in-situ trials with several leading housing developers, housing associations and schools to assess the impact of the products in different settings.

In each case, ecological surveys were conducted before the installation of a BioScapes product to establish the existing biodiversity status. Follow-up surveys were conducted after a number of weeks which showed a significant increase in biodiversity in the areas immediately surrounding the BioScapes units. In comparison, the formally landscaped areas adjacent to the products were found to support very little biodiversity.

The results of the trials have enabled us to continue making refinements to the product designs to maximise biodiversity gains.

Supporting education and communities

The benefit of BioScapes products extends beyond the ecological improvements, to education and wellbeing. Installations within schools and communities can help to build an interest in conservation and ecology.

Providing a point of interest in community settings, we hope to encourage participation in outdoor life, something which is widely acknowledged to aid wellbeing. In education, we are already seeing the value they bring to students and pupils by offering opportunities to interact with nature and learn about the importance of the environment. 

Find out more about the benefits that BioScapes can bring to schools and communities in our believe housing case study.

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