The WildPod is our most compact unit, designed to attract wildlife into smaller spaces – from patios and back yards to roof terraces and balconies. Even medium-sized outdoor spaces, such as school playgrounds or commercial environments where space may be at a premium, can benefit from adding a WildPod as a stand-alone feature or as part of a rewilding project.

As with all our designs, it contains a range of habitats to attract more wildlife and support primary species. What’s more, it’s made from responsibly sourced, untreated timber to provide additional chemical-free habitat as it gradually decomposes.

The WildPod includes:

  • Hedgehog hideaway
  • Amphibian refuge
  • Dead wood zone
  • Soil habitat
  • Wet habitat reservoir
  • Planting areas
  • Solitary bee nesting sites
  • Butterfly roost
  • Invertebrate hotel
  • Small mammal nest box
  • Rot hole

Products that you may need to fill your WildPod:

Multipurpose topsoil: approx. 100 litres

Dead wood habitat material: approx. 20 litres

Reservoir/habitat expanded clay: approx. 8 litres

These products are available to purchase on our NatureArk and BioCube pages but, please note, the volumes are greater than those needed in the WildPod unit.

WildPod rot hole

Quick and easy to install

The WildPod is light and compact enough to be carried through a house or even up to a roof terrace. You’ll be surprised at the wildlife that can find its way onto a roof! 

Suggested planting scheme

We recommend using native plant species to create the right balance within your self-contained ecosystem. Take a look at our recommended plant list to discover a range of plants you can use within your planting scheme.


Height: 57cm
Length: (front to back): 55cm
Width (front face): 115cm

Installation instructions are included.

Patents granted: GB 2588793 & GB 2577671

WildPod at office

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