WildPod™ is an easy way to attract more wildlife into any garden as it contains an ideal range of homes, houses, refuges, nooks and crannies; see the list of habitat types below and the primary species they support:

  • Ground dry – hedgehogs and small mammals
  • Ground wet – amphibians and wet condition lovers
  • Deadwood – invertebrates/microbial organisms
  • Ground integration – worms/microbes
  • Small mammal hole
  • Butterfly habitat
  • Solitary bee habitat
  • Rot hole – invertebrates/insects
  • Dry invertebrate habitat
  • Planting areas for pollinator supporting planting schemes
  • Timber structure – woodlice

Its compact structure will fit easily into any garden either as a stand alone feature or as part of any rewilding project. Made from responsibly sourced untreated timber it is designed to provide further habitat as it gradually decomposes.

WildPod™ is quick and easy to install, can be carried through a house or even up to a roof garden. You’ll be surprised what can find it’s way onto a roof!

Choice of plants is up to you, for some recommendations of native wild species please click ‘here’.

Installation instructions are included with each WildPod™ and to complete your project you will need:

  • Multipurpose topsoil
  • Dead wood (branches, bark, twigs)
  • Stones or aggregate
  • Plants


Height: 580mm
Length (front to back): 560mm
Width (front face): 1150mm

Volumes/product requirements (all approximate) are:

Main planter area: 80 litres
Deadwood area: 10 litres

Expanded clay: 10 litres
Deadwood material: 10 litres
Topsoil/Growing Media: 140 litres

Patents applied for GB.1812559.1, GB.1916191.8 and PCT/GB2020/050911

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