Demonstrate your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with ease

Caring for our colleagues’ physical and mental health, contributing to local communities, and taking action against climate change is high on the agenda in most organisations.

The good news is that there is a convenient way to address these areas without taking time away from schedules and budgets that are, in many cases, already stretched to the limit.

BioScapes is here to help you make a tangible and positive contribution to biodiversity restoration, community spirit and employee wellbeing.The UK’s first-ever range of self-contained multiple biodiversity units will help you meet several objectives.

Employee wellbeing
There is growing evidence to show that time spent outdoors, connecting with nature, makes us happier and more productive. However, often employees don’t take time out from their desks – either due to time constraints or lack of suitable outdoor space.

With a BioScapes planter, you can quickly establish a thriving wildlife area with attractive planting schemes where employees can sit and immerse themselves in nature – even in the most limited of spaces.

Being located on your premises means they are easily accessible to staff giving them the perfect opportunity to nip outside during breaks and recharge their batteries.

Community support
BioScapes planters make it easy for you to give back to your local community. Charitable groups, schools and care homes or hospices can all benefit from connecting with nature and you can deliver everything they need for this with the donation of a BioScapes unit.

A BioScapes unit provides a wholistic experience. Your donation will offer everything from simple pleasures such as setting up the planter, choosing the plants to be included and watching the wildlife appear to creating meaningful connections with other members of the community and learning about the ecology.

Positive environmental impact
As environmental instability increases, so does the obligation on organisations to offset your carbon footprint. Installing a BioScapes planter on your premises is a straightforward, affordable way to support the environment.

In addition to the unit itself, we can support your reporting, offering an ecology survey service, pre and post installation, to provide evidence for Corporate Social Responsibility reporting.

Trials of BioScapes products, conducted by ecologists, showed a significant increase in species density and overall biodiversity gains and we continue to work on enhancements to increase these benefits.

Marketing and PR support from BioScapes
If you purchase our products as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility scheme, we will happily support you in promoting your work by providing the following, free of charge:

  • A plaque branded with your logo and a QR code directing people to further information about biodiversity and ecology
  • A news story on our website
  • A news story on our social media platforms
  • Update posts to share on our social media and yours

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