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If you’re looking to encourage wildlife or introduce a rewilding area, the NatureArk offers a convenient all-in-one solution. It’s been developed to create and support species-rich ecosystems from a single multi-habitat unit. This is the mid-size unit in our range, suited to a number of outdoor spaces, from private gardens to educational settings and community areas.

Constructed from untreated timber to avoid the presence of unwanted chemicals, it will naturally decompose over time to further enrich its surroundings.

The NatureArk includes:

  • Hedgehog hideaway
  • Amphibian refuge
  • Deadwood zone
  • Soil habitat
  • Wet habitat reservoir
  • Planting areas
  • Solitary bee nesting sites
  • Butterfly roost
  • Invertebrate hotel
  • Small mammal nest box
  • Rot hole
  • Coal tit box


Products that you may need to fill your NatureArk:

Deadwood habitat material 85L

Deadwood material is supplied in a 85 litre bag and is used to create a habitat within the protected core area of the NatureArk that is in contact with the ground. This can provide nutrients and a cool, damp shelter attractive to amphibians, invertebrates, arthropods, and reptiles, as well as promoting fungi growth.

Reservoir/habitat expanded clay 25L

Expanded clay is provided in a 25 litre bag and is used to retain water in the reservoir/wet habitat areas of the NatureArk to provide moisture for plant growth, and damp conditions to support micro-organisms, amphibians and reptiles.

Multipurpose topsoil 600L

Comprises an expert blend of screened, natural soil, which includes elements of sand, silt and clay, together with dark, rich, peat-free soil conditioners, which add nutrients, body and structure to support a variety of planting schemes, including edible plants and providing the perfect topsoil for your BioCube, NatureArk or WildPod.

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"Not only has BioScapes helped believe housing work toward our environmental objectives, but we’ve also benefitted the local community and helped people get involved in enhancing the environment."

Andrea Baxter, Environmental Manager, believe housing

How it works

The NatureArk contains a number of habitats that enable multiple species to coexist and interact as they would in a natural ecosystem. 

This includes a removeable integrated wet and dry habitat, together with a water reservoir, as well as central and side planting areas. It has full ground contact giving connectivity from the integrated deadwood habitat and planting areas to the surrounding ecosystem.

Its unique design allows the roots of all plants to access water in the reservoirs, but also find their way down the sides and into the ground below.

NatureArk fully built showing hedgehog hideaway (dry habitat), bee nesting sites and invertebrate hotel
Hedgehog hideaway (dry habitat)

Designed to protect a variety of species

Deadwood habitat – approx. 20 litres

  • A cool, damp shelter that is attractive to amphibians, invertebrates, arthropods, and reptiles.
  • Located in the centre of the NatureArk but with access to the ground below and to the outside of the unit.
  • Protected by the side planting areas.

Wet habitats and dry habitat

  • Specially designed for small mammals, hedgehogs and amphibians.
  • Located at each end of the unit.
  • Sheltered by the deadwood habitat which provides insulation, protection from predators and reduces external noises which can disturb wildlife.

Core reservoir – approx. 20 litres

  • Positioned above the deadwood habitat to provide additional shelter, keeping the centre dry for species preferring a drier environment.
  • Provides an additional wet habitat and is designed to overflow into the separate wet habitat unit below, keeping it moist for species requiring this type of environment.

Main planting area – approx. 260 litres

  • The topsoil/growing media used here provides insulation and protection to the deadwood habitat below.
  • For recommendations of native species that are suitable for attracting pollinators, take a look at our planting list.


Height: 50cm
Length: (front to back): 93cm
Width (front face): 116cm

Installation instructions are included

Patents granted: GB 2588793 & GB 2577671

Fully built NatureArk showing empty tray, rot hole, butterfly roost and coal tit box

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