WildPod Mini

Create your own compact wildlife haven with the WildPod Mini. Bringing no less than 10 habitats together, the WildPod Mini is designed to support a wide range of species, from hoverflies to hedgehogs, within an attractive garden planter.

It’s a convenient, tidy solution for supporting nature and increasing biodiversity where space is limited.

WildPod Mini is lightweight and quick to assemble so you can easily position it for maximum effect. Simply add small quantities of topsoil and other habitat materials, plant it up and watch the wildlife move in.

The WildPod Mini includes:

  • Hedgehog house
  • Bee hotel
  • Butterfly house
  • Amphibian refuge
  • Invertebrate hotel
  • Rot hole
  • Dead wood zone
  • Wet habitat reservoir
  • Soil habitat
  • Planting areas


WildPod Mini has been carefully designed to offer protective spaces that mirror the habitats chosen by species in the wild. The inter-connected habitats allow species to interact as they would in nature, all within a self-contained ecosystem.

A feature that is unique to the WildPod Mini is the ‘rainwater catcher’ – a small trough in the top planting area that collects water to feed the rot hole, wet habitat reservoir and amphibian refuge.

The responsibly sourced, untreated timber will provide additional habitat as it slowly decomposes over the years.

Quick and easy to assemble

The WildPod Mini is delivered flat-packed, with full instructions, for quick assembly and positioning.

It does require the addition of the following habitat materials, which are available to purchase from BioScapes or can be sourced elsewhere.

  • Topsoil/compost: approx. 80L
  • Reservoir habitat – expanded clay: approx. 10L
  • Deadwood habitat material: approx. 6L
  • Bee nesting tubes (e.g. bamboo): approx. 15 to 20, 150mm in length

Suggested planting scheme

We advise the use of native plant species to achieve a balanced ecosystem within your planter. Our recommended plant list provides a range of suitable options for your planting scheme.


Height: 35cm

Length: (front to back): 56cm

Width (front face): 60cm

Patents granted: GB 2588793 & GB 2577671

Delivery to UK mainland: £6.95