Create your own wildlife haven

BioScapes® offers a range of specialist planters that contain houses for hedgehogs, butterflies, bees and more. They have been designed to quickly boost biodiversity in any residential, educational, community or commercial setting.

More than just large planters, these products provide multiple integrated habitats and support a wide range of UK flora and fauna from single-celled microorganisms and fungi through to pollinators, amphibians, and small mammals; all equally important to the future of our planet.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the rich spectrum of species and habitats that work together to make a healthy, stable environment. Human interaction with the planet has had a disastrous impact on biodiversity creating imbalances which threaten our existence on the planet.

There are simple steps we can take to reverse this trend, starting with safe spaces for wildlife wherever we can provide them. Learn more about biodiversity and its importance and discover what steps we can take to increase biodiversity locally.

Achieve biodiversity net gains

We aim to assist the process of restoring biodiversity by delivering tangible, quantifiable outcomes with the BioCube®, NatureArk®, WildPod® and WildPod Mini™ – with the support of the market leading quality and service you can trust from Rolawn®.

Tried and tested

Our unique, patented innovations have been carefully crafted to maximise impact. They provide a combination of wet and dry habitats, supporting the process of rewilding through the development of ecosystems. These ecosystems allow plants to thrive and attract wildlife from bees and hoverflies, frogs and newts, to hedgehogs and shrews.

Trials conducted by ecologists showed a significant increase in species density and overall biodiversity gains and we continue to work on enhancements to increase these benefits.

Patents granted: GB 2588793 & GB 2577671

Terry and Jamie at Persimmon, Germany Beck

Who can benefit?

From domestic environments to educational or commercial settings, and more, the BioScapes range has the flexibility to meet site-specific requirements across the entire community.

This includes:

  • Private gardens
  • New housing developments
  • Local authority projects
  • Roof gardens
  • Commercial sites
  • Retail parks
  • Orchards
  • Educational facilities
  • General landscaping schemes

We work with developers, planners, architects, commercial landlords and council officers, through to key decision makers within smaller organisations, including schools and community groups.

If you are interested in encouraging biodiversity in your garden or open space, and would like support or advice, we would be delighted to assist.

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