Tested by certified ecologists
Proven increase in species density delivering biodiversity gains.
Multiple integrated habitats
Designed to support endangered species such as pollinators and hedgehogs.
Patented, innovative products
Flexible design to suit site specific needs, whether commercial or residential.

50 years of experience and innovation...

BioScapes® is a new business in the Rolawn Group. Calling upon 50 years of experience and innovation in the UK horticulture and landscaping sectors, and by working with professional ecologists we have developed the BioScapes range of patented products, suitable for installation in both commercial and residential environments such as, private gardens, new housing developments, local authority projects, roof gardens, commercial sites, retail parks, orchards, educational facilities and general landscaping schemes.

Through BioScapes we aim to be the UK’s leading producer of innovative, self-contained multiple biodiversity habitats and associated products which help create healthy ecosystems and promote gains in biodiversity wherever they are used.

Providing multiple integrated habitats...

These products provide multiple integrated habitats and support a wide range of UK flora and fauna from birds and bees, through to amphibians and mammals and down to fungi and single cell micro-organisms; all equally important to the future of our planet.

Assisting you in the increasing challenge of achieving biodiversity net gains on projects, we aim to simplify the process by delivering tangible, quantifiable outcomes with the BioCube, NatureArk and WildPod. All supported with the market leading quality and service you can trust from Rolawn.


Integrated multiple habitats

Creating species-rich ecosystems

Increasing biodiversity

Biodiversity Solutions...

For those involved in the specification of Biodiversity solutions and wanting further information, it may be possible to arrange for our mobile exhibition unit to visit your premises.

This facility is available to Ecologists, Developers, Landscape Architects and Planners and will explain the benefits of the BioScapes product range.

To enquire please complete the form by clicking the link below.

Bioscapes Limited
The Airfield, Seaton Ross,
York YO42 4NF

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