SuDS & BNG Unit

SuDS & BNG Unit

A unique, patented Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) solution in a single unit. The planter is specifically designed for both domestic and commercial properties to manage rainwater run-off, and support BNG by integrating ten wildlife habitats.

The BioScapes® SuDS & BNG Unit captures and holds water during storm events, helping to reduce the flow rate and input to the drainage network, subsequently lessening the risk of flooding and pressure leading to Combined Sewer Overflow discharges (CSOs) which pollute our waterways.

Utilising biodiverse habitats and natural soils, our unit will assist with improving water quality in our streams and rivers by filtering rainwater before it enters sewers, and due to integrated habitats, encourages wildlife in any outdoor space creating a healthier, more sustainable environment, for everyone to enjoy.

BioScapes SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) complete solution for commercial and residential property developments. Cross section of units with habitats and water control
Patents granted: GB 2588793 & GB 2577671
Patent Application No. GB2314945.3

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) are a way of managing rainwater that mimics natural processes. They work by slowing down and filtering rainwater before it enters sewers or rivers. This helps to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and provide habitats for wildlife.

SuDS & BNG Units provide a quick and cost-effective solution to deliver biodiversity, sustainable drainage, community and wellbeing benefits.

These self-contained units provide a range of benefits in a very compact space – so important in urban areas, commercial settings and development sites. They are ideal for areas where space is limited or access to the ground is not possible, perhaps due to underground services.

With a user-friendly design, the units are quick and simple to install either as part of a new development or retrofitted to existing structures. Flexible design and capability for lifting makes these units ideal for streetscapes, terraces, or other elevated positions. 

Multiple BioScapes SuDS Units at can be installed at a property, with the option to connect several units and increase the volume for a larger catchment area. Both left and right-handed installations are supported to provide flexibility in positioning, or multiple connection to a single downpipe.

BioScapes units are available for delivery nationwide. Confidence in our design and construction is reflected by providing a 10 year guarantee on non-replaceable parts.

Why Choose BioScapes?

Meets SuDS

Carefully designed to address the four pillars of SuDS design for developments

Net Gain

Our unit provides Biodiversity Net Gain and SuDS solutions in one product

10 Year

The manufacturing quality of our SuDS Unit panels and framework is guaranteed

Designed by

BioScapes designs are led by environmental and horticultural experts


Tested by independent specialists & supported by customer feedback

What makes the BioScapes® SuDS & BNG Unit unique?

The engineered steel framework is fully constructed in-house, then galvanised and powder coated to provide structural longevity. This also means we can cater for optional colour customisation to meet commercial branding requirements, or to match domestic door or window frame finishes.  

The unit’s ‘wooden’ panels are of the highest quality and manufactured utilising recycled plastics, ensuring UV stability and durability against the elements; additionally, there is further opportunity for colour customisation.

Each SuDS & BNG unit will be supplied with a specialist soil blend specifically designed for optimum performance. The soil is exclusively manufactured by Rolawn, a horticultural company with over 50 years of experience.

Our optional base and front sections provide ten integrated wildlife habitats, supporting a species-rich environment and providing additional Biodiversity Net Gain within the SuDS unit.  

Call one of our experts for a consultation and to receive further details on 01904 202 202, or request a copy of our SuDS Unit’s Specification Sheet by entering your details at the bottom of the page.

How we satisfy the four pillars of SuDS

  • BioScapes SuDS Unit is designed to capture storm water roof runoff to reduce load on the drainage system and reduce flood risk.


  • BioScapes SuDS Unit has a water storage capacity of 0.35m3.
  • BioScapes SuDS Unit will therefore reduce outflow rates toward greenfield run-off rates.


  • Due to the SuDS unit’s modular design, multiple units can be connected to deliver your drainage requirements.
Water Quality
  • Our units can provide quality of water improvements by reducing contaminants and pollutants which run off roofs.

  • Soil acts as a natural water filter and this will be assisted by the rich biodiversity encouraged within the Unit. In this way the BioScapes SuDS Unit will help filter material from the water and reduce contamination through biological activity.

  • SuDS units can reduce the flow entering combined sewers, leading to fewer Combined Sewer Overflow discharges (CSOs) which pollute our waterways. This can help improve the quality water bodies further downstream improving streams, rivers, lakes and our seas.
  • The biodiversity crisis urgently necessitates action, casting a vital role for developers in contributing to Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) in the UK.

  • Our SuDS unit’s optional accessories include a range of ten seamlessly integrated habitats, which following extensive research by ecologists have been proven to provide a remarkable ten-fold increase in biodiversity following installation. 

  • By supporting diverse ecosystems, BioScapes units attract a plethora of species, from beneficial insects and invertebrates to hedgehogs and amphibians, nurturing a tapestry of life within urban and suburban landscapes.

& Placement
  • Designed for any outdoor space, BioScapes units and planting schemes can quickly improve the visual appeal of public or private space, helping to create a positive environmental impact.
    • A BioScapes SuDS Unit can provide a simple, affordable way to demonstrate environmental responsibility, helping to care for colleagues’ physical and mental health, contributing to local communities, and creating a sense of place.
    • Supporting an abundance of wildflowers, vegetables or herbs, these wildlife planters will also contribute to urban cooling to reduce the impact of the urban heat island effect.

    SuDS Unit Dimensions & Weight

    SuDS & BNG Unit including optional habitats:

    • Height with BNG base section: 975mm
    • Length: 1465mm (exc. pipework)
    • Width: 660mm 
    • Weight of unfilled unit: 180kg
    • Approximate weight of filled unit: 880kg (inc. soil and water)
    • Full specification available on request

    SuDS Unit excluding BNG habitats:

    • Height without BNG base section: 770mm
    • Length: 1465mm (exc. pipework)
    • Width: 615mm
    • Weight of unfilled unit: 150kg
    • Approximate weight of filled unit: 850kg (inc. soil and water)
    • Full specification available on request
    Red Mason Bee

    The biodiversity crisis is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. One million species are threatened with extinction, and biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate. This is due to a number of factors, including habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and overexploitation.

    Biodiversity is essential for human well-being and the health of the planet. It provides us with food, clean air and water, regulates the climate, and protects us from disease. It also supports economic activity and cultural practices.

    Across the UK people are taking steps to minimise their impact on our environment and boost biodiversity. SuDS and Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) regulations now require developers to deliver flood management, water quality, amenity and biodiversity enhancements.

    BioScapes SuDS Unit provides an attractive, one-stop-shop solution which delivers against all four pillars of SuDS as set out in the CIRIA SuDS Manual.

    As the Biodiversity crisis deepens there is an increasing need for us to do all we can in our own greenspaces. Developers now have an obligation to provide Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG).

    BioScapes units provide a solution by creating a self-contained ecosystem for a wide array of plants and animals, from hedgehogs to hoverflies, adding colour and energy to any space where people can connect with nature.

    Ecological trials of BioScapes units typically demonstrate a 10-fold increase in biodiversity. The multiple habitats found within the units helps create a complex ecosystem supporting insects and other invertebrates which in turn control pest species and provide food for other wildlife. Within weeks of installing BioScapes units we have discovered hedgehogs, toads and newts making their homes within the wildlife planters.

    Ten integrated habitats include:

    • Hedgehog house
    • Bee hotel
    • Butterfly house
    • Amphibian refuge
    • Invertebrate hotel
    • Hoverfly home
    • Wet habitat reservoir
    • Deadwood zone
    • Soil habitat
    • Planting areas
    blue butterfly
    Bee on lavender crop
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    Ladybird on mushroom

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    Our team of experts is on hand to address your SuDS requirements, BNG concerns and provide quotations for solutions tailored to your projects. 

    Client Testimonials

    "Not only has BioScapes helped believe housing work toward our environmental objectives, but we’ve also benefitted the local community and helped people get involved in enhancing the environment."
    Believe Housing
    “A key focus for us is to do what we can for the planet. That includes seeking new and innovative ways to enhance the gardens and green spaces we are establishing for our customers and their visitors. Working with BioScapes has enabled us to add wildlife units to boost biodiversity and help make homes even more beautiful.”
    Taylor Wimpey
    "Thank you to the BioScapes team! It has been great to work with you and we are looking forward to developing our site further in partnership with your team. I cannot recommend these products enough, the whole process has been seamless!"