Meet the BioScapes Team

Paul Dawson, Managing Director, BioScapes



Originally born in Aberdeen in Scotland, Paul moved to York in North Yorkshire at a young age and is an expert in agricultural engineering.

He has a keen interest in providing the very best quality products to be utilised in domestic, commercial and community landscaping spaces and has helped develop a range of new products.

Paul offers significant experience in agriculture and horticulture, and leads Rolawn and BioScapes in their efforts to keep innovating the industry and remaining an authoritative voice within it.


  • Innovating and diversifying business – At Rolawn, Paul offers an unrivaled insight into the agricultural world and has helped the company expand its remit extensively throughout his 22 years at the company.
  • Leadership and growth– Paul’s knowledge and drive to produce top quality products and recognise the needs and wants of the market has seen him lead the way on innovating new products to help the company grow and remain an established leading figure in the industry.
  • Passion for the industry – Paul’s interest and enthusiasm for agriculture, farming and horticulture runs in the family and stems back to when he was younger, working on the Rolawn turf farms as a teenager before going to university.


Paul has spent nearly 30 years in the horticultural sector in a professional capacity. Paul worked in the fresh produce industry at G’s Group for seven years and joined Rolawn as Corporate Development Manager in 1999 and has since become Chairman and Managing Director. He has overseen the introduction of new topsoil products, the ProFresh system, the Hallstone brand and more recently the launch of BioScapes as a sub-brand specialising in biodiversity.


BEng (Hons) in Agricultural Engineering – Newcastle University (1993)

Terry Smithson, Biodiversity Manager, BioScapes



Originally born in Middlesbrough, Terry Smithson is an expert in biodiversity who has a background and extensive experience working in the nature conservation sector.

He has a passion for protecting the planet’s natural habitat, with a deep understanding of species and ecosystems and of how this benefits humankind.

Terry offers support and guidance through his role at BioScapes on the importance of boosting biodiversity and the most effective ways for this to be achieved.


  • Biodiversity and ecology – At BioScapes, Terry offers a valuable insight into the natural world and the importance of supporting ecosystems, with a particular focus on helping people and businesses have a positive impact on biodiversity and the preservation of nature.
  • Raising awareness and funding – Terry’s expertise helps educate housing developers, construction planners and architects, among others, on the benefits of boosting biodiversity. He has delivered significant landscape scale projects which support biodiversity restoration including boosting the Nature Tourism Economy of East Yorkshire to £24M, capital and habitat investment at Spurn National Nature Reserve, and the restoration of 35,000ha of degraded peatlands.
  • Passionate for nature – From an early age Terry has always taken a keen interest in nature, starting his journey exploring the Cleveland Hills and North York Moors and enhancing biodiversity across the UK.


Terry has over 30 years’ experience in the nature conservation industry, researching and supporting endangered species, and working extensively with The Wildlife Trusts on a number of different projects to make a positive impact on the environment. 15 years of his experience has been at senior level, helping lead the way on restoring natural habitats.


Bachelor’s Degree (BSc) in Zoology – Manchester University (1992)

Master’s Degree (MSc) in Ecology – University of Aberdeen (1993)

Full member of CIEEM – Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management



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