Persimmon’s New Homes Development

Terry and Jamie at Persimmon, Germany Beck

A NatureArk®, designed to support and enhance biodiversity, has been installed at Persimmon’s new homes developments at Germany Beck.

“The NatureArk is a cleverly-designed wooden structure which is planted with wildflowers to encourage a wide range of birds, bees and butterflies as well as small mammals, amphibians and a wealth of insects and invertebrates, creating its own rich ecosystem.” – Group sustainability manager, Philippa Bolton-Hadfield

The unit will stay on the housing development so residents can enjoy it and our team of ecologists will be monitoring it over the coming months to measure and record what insects are making it their home.

“In the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis, people are searching for ways to do their bit. A NatureArk is a simple but effective unit that’s been designed to help encourage wildlife into your garden. It will support a wide range of habitats supporting a wealth of plants and animals and create a space to learn and be inspired by the natural world.” – Terry Smithson, Biodiversity Manager at BioScapes

The latest ecological survey on the install has reported a 7 fold increase in biodiversity to the adjacent area.

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