Install at Taylor Wimpey Regency Gate

NatureArk at Taylor Wimpey site in Worcester

The BioScapes team recently installed a NatureArk® at Taylor Wimpey’s Regency Gate development in Worcester, to help boost biodiversity on the site.

Many thanks to Jade, the sales manager, who helped us pick a location for the unit. We chose a plot with significant sunlight, to help attract nesting bees, butterflies and other pollinators.

The NatureArk is located directly in front of the main sales office and next to an area that has been planted with several Buddleja plants. As soon as we had finished planting, Brimstone and Red Admiral butterflies descended on the unit to try out their new nectar sources.

What a fantastic, instant impact the NatureArk made!

The planting was made up of: wild strawberries, a mix of native wildflowers, perennials, clover, and herbs, all sourced from Mires Beck Nursery, North Cave, East Yorkshire.

We look forward to seeing what other insects, invertebrates, amphibians and mammals visit the integrated habitats within the NatureArk in due course.

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