Customer Case Study: BioScapes’ youngest fan

BioScapes' youngest fan with his WildPod

A budding David Attenborough

If it’s okay to have a favourite customer, then the BioScapes team would have no hesitation in agreeing on ours. Without a doubt, it would be Henry Williams, our budding David Attenborough.

Four-year old Henry is a wildlife enthusiast whose imagination was captured by the BioScapes® NatureArk® units he came across when visiting York McArthurGlen Designer Outlet and RHS Harlow Carr. Inspired by the idea of attracting more wildlife to his own garden, Henry asked his parents for a BioScapes wildlife planter for his birthday.

The gift of nature

In spring 2023, Henry’s Mum, Helen, ordered him a WildPod®, one of the smaller units in our range of wildlife planters. Helen said: “We absolutely loved your products after seeing them in a few of the places that we have visited and our nature-loving little one wanted one of his own.”

“When the WildPod was delivered, the excitement levels from Henry were insane! He just couldn’t wait to sort it out, so that’s what we did that very afternoon and he loved it.”

“We love the fact that the WildPod attracts so many different types of wildlife“

In the few months that Henry’s WildPod has been installed, the family has been delighted by the impact it has had on their lives.

“The fact that Henry can watch the WildPod as it develops is an added bonus. He has helped pick the plants, location and has a vested interest in it,” explained Helen. “Henry chose to put it in the orchard, which we keep wild for the bees etc., but we have certainly noticed an increase in the different types of wildlife in the garden. We’ve seen hedgehogs, butterflies, ladybirds, foxes, field mice, bugs, beetles and bees all visiting the WildPod.”

Inspiring a lasting curiosity in the natural world

Henry and his family have discovered ongoing benefits and pleasure from their WildPod.

“Henry enjoys looking at the different animals that visit as well as what plants attract which animals. As the WildPod was for Henry I created a scavenger hunt for him as well as some pictures of the plants we could use and the animals he could expect to see. I absolutely love the enthusiasm he has for the outdoors, nature and everything wild. This is something that I will encourage as long as he is interested and enthusiastic.”

"I can’t express enough how much Henry and myself enjoy the WildPod and it was through sheer luck that we came across it and the helpfulness of the gardener at Harlow Carr. My budding little David Attenborough likes nothing more than being outdoors and products like yours allow him to do that and inspire his curiosity.”

You can imagine how thrilled we were when Henry and his family popped along to say hello to the team at The Great Yorkshire Show, where he happily spent 10 minutes doing the nature trail around our stand!

We look forward to hearing more about Henry’s adventures with nature in future.

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