March wildlife – what to watch for and ways to help

Bee on yellow dandelion

March is often a month when we just want to snuggle up in front of a warm fire with a hot cup of cocoa, away from the blustery showers. Do your best to resist that comfort until the evening and get out into the fresh air! There’s so much going on….and after all it is the Spring Equinox this month.

Open your ears to the birdsong around you

Nature is warming up, getting ready. Birdsong is suddenly vibrant again: The great tit alone has an extensive line up of well over seventy songs. The brightly breasted robin, an ever-present symbol of the long winter months, now begins to breed and if you look closely along the hedgerows buds of blackthorn are beginning to make an appearance.

Look out for garden inhabitants reappearing

Toads and frogs get busy and you may be lucky enough to come across a clump of frog spawn or a string of toad spawn. Our friend the hedgehog also comes out of hibernation around now and you may be fortunate enough to see or hear him snuffling around your garden for slugs, earthworms or insects.

Provide early food sources for pollinator

Plant out some currant bushes. These are great sources of nectar for early insects like the bumblebees and will also provide a tasty treat later in the summer. Let those dandelions flower as the large heads (actually a cluster of many individual flowers) provide a stable landing place for heavy bumblebees and are packed full with pollen and nectar – a valuable food for growing bee grubs.

Get involved in World Rewilding Day – March 20th

March 20th 2021 saw the first-ever World Rewilding Day, organised by the Global Rewilding Alliance. You can find out about getting involved on the Rewilding Europe website.

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