Customer Case Study: NatureArk


Our IT Manager, Alan, has given an insight into how our innovative wildlife planter, the NatureArk®, has changed his garden. Read the full story below and discover what our multi-habitat units can bring to your own garden or commercial space.

We asked Alan:

What was your main reason for installing a BioScapes product in your garden?

The front garden was a barren space, with rough grass and an old trampoline that the kids had grown out of. We’d started to become interested in biodiversity and the NatureArk seemed like a good starting point to help introduce biodiversity into a small space. We also added a nature pond, bird feeders and a small wildflower area. I leave the grass a little longer too and allow things like clover, yellow trefoil, daisies and dandelions to grow.

Have you seen any changes to the wildlife in your garden since installing it? If so, what have those changes been?

Yes, I’ve been surprised to see the number of ladybirds on the NatureArk from early spring and recently it’s been covered in ladybird larvae. There’s also an ant nest. Overall, the garden has flourished with insect life.

What is your favourite feature about the product?

From the outside, the NatureArk looks like an interestingly shaped planter, but the cleverly designed layers that encourage life to thrive underneath the soil are probably my favourite feature.

What feedback have you had from visitors?

The NatureArk superbly blends into the theme of my garden. Also, visitors often make nice comments on the appearance of the garden.

Has the product met your expectations?

Yes! We spotted a hedgehog recently and have set up a trail cam to capture it on film. Also, the insect habitats have been very successful.

Would you recommend the product?

Yes also! When I chose the NatureArk, the smaller WildPod® wasn’t available yet. I think the WildPod would be a better fit for friends and family, as it’s shaped so that it would work well against a fence or in a corner. Although, I’d highly recommend both products.

Many thanks to Alan for sharing his experience with our NatureArk. Have you purchased any of our planter range? Why not share your story with us on social media and tag @BioScapesuk.


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