Case Study: Omega Oak Barn Care Home

BioScapes WildPod® enhances residents' well-being at Omega Oak Barn care home


Omega Oak Barn, a family-run care home in Beadlam, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire, is renowned for its warm, supportive atmosphere and personalised care. The management at Omega Oak Barn constantly seeks innovative ways to enhance the quality of life for its residents, particularly those in the moderate to latter stages of dementia. Recognising the profound benefits of nature on well-being, the care home was able to introduce a unique solution: the BioScapes WildPod, with support from the Allison Willis Trust.


Care home residents, especially those with dementia, often have limited interaction with the natural world. Omega Oak Barn aimed to create an engaging, nature-focused environment within its small, enclosed garden to improve residents’ mood, increase happiness and promote positive social connections. The challenge was to find a solution that could fit the limited space while offering a rich sensory experience and opportunities for interaction with nature.


The Allison Willis Trust, dedicated to enhancing connections with the natural world, purchased the BioScapes WildPod to donate to Omega Oak Barn. BioScapes, a leading innovator in Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) solutions, waived the installation costs, supporting the Trust’s mission to benefit local care home residents.

The WildPod is a compact, versatile wildlife planter designed to create a thriving microhabitat for various plants and animals. It offers a visually intriguing and sensory-rich experience, perfect for the care home’s small garden courtyard.


The BioScapes team installed the WildPod at Omega Oak Barn, transforming a section of the garden into a vibrant, wildlife-friendly space. The installation included a variety of plants to attract insects, birds and other wildlife, providing residents with a dynamic and engaging natural environment.


The presence of the WildPod at Omega Oak Barn will benefit residents, staff and visitors for years to come, including positive outcomes such as:

  • Enhanced mood and well-being: increased happiness and improved mood through regular interaction with the natural elements of the WildPod.
  • Stimulated curiosity and engagement: the look and feel of the WildPod, along with the opportunities for interaction with the plant and wildlife components, stimulates curiosity and provides a focal point for contemplation and conversation among residents.
  • Improved social connections: the WildPod is a natural gathering spot, fostering positive social interactions among residents, staff and visitors.
  • Multigenerational appeal: as a natural focus for all generations, from small children to elderly residents, the WildPod enhances the communal garden experience.



Chris Buntin, Manager at Omega Oak Barn, expressed his satisfaction:

“We’ve been looking for interesting ways to maximise opportunities to create more interaction and activity within our garden courtyard. The BioScapes WildPod creates a home for all kinds of wildlife and offers numerous opportunities for our residents to encounter different plants and animals. We are very grateful to the Allison Willis Trust and BioScapes for donating the WildPod as well as their time and expertise.”

Jonathan Allison, Trustee of the Allison Willis Trust, added:

“The WildPod fits perfectly into the care home’s garden and appeals to all the senses. It is ideal for quiet contemplation of the natural world and stimulating curiosity. It provides a natural focus for each generation, from small children to elderly residents.”


The collaboration between BioScapes, the Allison Willis Trust and Omega Oak Barn showcases the profound impact of integrating nature into care home environments. The BioScapes WildPod has significantly enhanced the well-being and social connections of Omega Oak Barn residents, demonstrating the value of innovative, nature-focused solutions in care settings.


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