Case Study: J A Kent SuDS & BNG Unit Installation

Enhancing Sustainability at J A Kent with BioScapes SuDS and BNG Unit

Company Profile:

J A Kent specialises in tree surgery, grounds and building maintenance, operating out of Barton in Fabis, Nottinghamshire. Known for their commitment to high-quality service and environmental stewardship, J A Kent recently took a significant step toward enhancing their sustainability practices.

The Need:

After constructing a new building at their headquarters, J A Kent faced the challenge of managing additional rainwater run-off. They saw an opportunity to address this need while also boosting their site’s biodiversity value. Additionally, with a surge in customer inquiries about sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and biodiversity net gain (BNG), the firm aimed to deepen its understanding and demonstrate the effectiveness of these solutions.

Why BioScapes SuDS and BNG Unit?

JA Kent chose the BioScapes SuDS and BNG Unit for its innovative and comprehensive approach. The unit is a patented, cost-effective, plug-and-play solution that exceeds the requirements of the four pillars of SuDS:

Water Attenuation: Managing excess water efficiently.

Water Quality Improvement: Enhancing the quality of water through filtration.

Water Amenity Improvement: Contributing positively to the landscape.

Biodiversity Benefit: Supporting and increasing local biodiversity.

After consulting with BioScapes’ in-house Ecologist, Terry Smithson, J A Kent opted for the High Attenuation Unit with additional habitats. This choice underscored their commitment to supporting native wildlife and achieving sustainability goals.


The installation of the BioScapes SuDS and BNG Unit at J A Kent’s premises not only addresses the issue of additional water runoff but will also significantly enhance the site’s biodiversity value. This initiative has positioned J A Kent as a leader in sustainability within its industry, providing a practical demonstration for its customers and setting a benchmark for future projects.

Terry Smithson added, “We’re always keen to provide new solutions for our clients and help them deliver their sustainability objectives, so it was a no-brainer for us to install a BioScapes Habitat Unit. This installation demonstrates how effectively these units can add biodiversity value to open spaces.”


J A Kent’s proactive approach in installing the BioScapes SuDS and BNG Unit highlights their dedication to environmental stewardship and customer education. By integrating this innovative solution, they have successfully managed their water run-off and boosted biodiversity, all while creating a valuable resource for their clients to observe and learn from.

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